September 9, 2007

Remembering Pete

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These are from the “Rest In Pete” thread on the panic board…

 Rest In Pete
« Thread Started on Jun 11, 2007, 1:03pm »

Hi folks.   

Some very sad news. I don’t quite know how to put this, so I’ll leave it to Mat Croft:

Our friend Pete Stevens left us on Saturday 9th June, 2007. He was diagnosed with bowel cancer in September 2006 and underwent a lot of treatment but always stayed positive. He spent most of his last week asleep, but when awake he kept up that positive attitude up to the end. He was, and always will be, 26 years old.So next time you’re out at a rock gig, or relaxing on Hampstead Heath or Primrose Hill with a less-than-legal smoke, or at home listening to Sam Cooke, Dylan and the Stones, take a moment to think how much more fun it would have been with Pete there. And any time you bump into anyone else who knew Pete, stop and share some stories about him - we all have a few. Most of all, just remember Pete in his prime: young, wild-haired, witty, imaginative, fun, talented, unpredictable, generous, rambling and, so often, merrily stoned.There will be a memorial service, a website and hopefully a charity gig in the near future. Either me or Dom will let you know when the arrangements are finalised. Please forward this on to anyone else who knew him.

I’m sorry to those of you who had to find out this way, I simply dont have the time or the emotional capacity to tell everyone in person.I’m sorry to those of you who had to find out this way, I simply dont have the time or the emotional capacity to tell everyone in person.Goodbye, old friend. We shall remember you like this, kicking arse and rocking like a total bastard:


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I am so sorry.
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Mrs T
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Robot Pete lent me his spliff the night I hooked up with Dr T. He probably has a lot to answer for…   

An excellent man indeed. I am much sadder knowing he’s not in the world.



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I probably knew Pete for a shorter time than a lot of people here, but it’s safe to say that within just a few weeks of meeting him through Mat and joining the Robot Blues, Pete had become one of my best friends.   

Pete was a total one-off. Mat described him the other day as a guy with his own set of rules, yet who still had trouble following even those. I couldn’t come up with a better way to describe him than that.

The world genuinely will be a duller place without Pete’s stoned grin, his sideways wit, his shambling walk, his wild ambition and crazy schemes, his voice, and most importantly, his friendship.

I feel privileged and proud to have been your friend and to have shared a stage with you Pete. I’ll always miss you. x






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I found some more nice photos (panic in the park, June last year)   



Who else could wear cocktail umbrella’s in their hair with such pazzaz?


missus moke
 Re: Rest In Pete
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This is extremely sad news.   

I’ve found some photos of Pete’s visit to Melbourne….


And one of the very early days at Panic London…

Such a hilarious guy.
Even though we were in whole other countries most of the time I knew Pete, I’ll miss him. xxoo



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I’m so sad to hear this.
I’m listening to Neil Young’s “Tonight’s the night” and thinking of having a friendly argument with Pete about how amazing it is and that it’s better than Springsteen and him trying to convince me that Springsteen’s much better than Neil…
And the time he decided that every song ever could be ended with the line “and tramps like us, baby we were booorn to ruuun!”















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It was always a pleasure to see Pete, even when you hadn’t seen him for ages he would make time to talk to you.   

I’ll remember numerous smokes outside various establishments with him, the sheer look of wonder in his eyes on returning from the Polyphonic spree at Reading, with him dressed in full white sheet garb, but mostly just Pete being Pete and one of the most genuine, nice people you’re ever likely to come across.

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will never forget u dude, being friends with u for the last 7 years has been an honour and a privilege. the world’s gonna be a sadder place without u. love ya forever pete, see u on the other side :-)   






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 Re: Rest In Pete
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The pictures say it all… Pete was a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime person. Even the most average day of sitting around with Pete was always a memorable experience. He’s left behind so many funny memories. There won’t be another Pete and we’ll always miss him.

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I hadn’t known Pete for as long as some – we’d only really just started meeting up outside of Panic/PopArt related events when he got ill - but I’ll miss him terribly and will certainly hold on to some very precious memories of him.   

Sitting out on the flat roof at Panic Towers smoking and discussing soul records and coming up with ridiculous Robot Blues puns (“You could do a newsletter and call it ‘The Robot News’” “If there was a Robot Blues themed alarm clock you could press ‘The Robot Snooze’”).

Sitting in a park smoking and hearing about his outrageous ambitions (“I reckon we should only sign to Domino”) being charmed by his boundless enthusiasm and belief.

Sitting in the old Tooting Rooms in the early hours of the morning smoking (recurring theme here) and listening to the four CDs that make up ‘Zaireeka’. Pete was the only one strong enough to handle the combination of beautiful but discordant sounds and ‘Pete weed’. I spent the entirety of the album with my head in my hands. Trying to hold it on I think.

A true star in a world of mediocrity.




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Pete… what a legend.
Some of the best times i’ve had were sitting with pete just talking about random things. Be it computer games, the epic western we were going to write about the opium trade, or just plain stonned jibber they were all quality times, and will, along with the boy himself be sorely missed.   

Im so pleased that day when mat shouted at you from a distance so we all got talking and became great friends.
You will always be remembered dude.

I appologise for the large photos, but they’re good ones.





 Re: Rest In Pete
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I met Pete a few times, and saw him play live too, and I agree, he’s the kind of guy you couldn’t ever forget. He had a magnetic charisma and was one of those people who genuinely didn’t have an ounce of bad in them at all, which you can’t really say about anyone these days. We need more people like Pete and the world is that bit more crap without him.
 Re: Rest In Pete
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Like Kris I probably haven’t known Pete as long as most of you and perhaps not as well. But I know that for a while back there I could guarantee to see him, wide awake and rolling up in our kitchen as I shambled in of a Sunday morning. All set with an inane grin, a refreshing ‘breakfast’ joint and an issue with Orson Welles he needed to tell me about, right then. All too brief, everything about it was all too brief. It’s nice to see some of the snaps I took of Pete are up here, good times.
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My favourite memory of Pete was Glastonbury 2005. I was making my way back to the Panic Nation campsite and I bumped into Pete. He was wandering around the food area looking for a Milkshake Stand. We procceeded to spend about an hour both wandering around, completly baffled and not saying a word other then ’seriously, where are the milkshakes’ until we found the elusive milkshake stand and he carried two of the hugest milkshakes back to the campsite and procceeded to drink them both. Everytime I have a milkshake I remember that memory, its one of my favourites. Pete was awesome. He was and will always be one of my favourite people. xxx

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We never did go to Cuba by boat, or tour the world in a rock band, or write a TV show, or build a treehouse… one day Pete. You may be dead, but your ridiculous ideas live on in all of us!   

I think most of us will, for the rest of our lives, associate Pete with being young. There can be few greater compliments than that.

Be at peace, my friend, I couldn’t forget you if I tried!



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« Reply #21 on Jun 13, 2007, 8:12am »

I’ll put some proper stories together when my heads a little clearer.   

For now I just wanna say thanks so much for the memories Pete, Thanks for the laughs and the jokes and more good times than I can count.

Thanks for punch train mate, thanks for walking me through golders green in the rain that time. Thanks for taking on Lorenzo Lamas and running with it.

Thank you for being my friend, for making me laugh and for letting me return the favour time and time again.

don’t know what else to say…

 Re: Rest In Pete
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 Re: Rest In Pete
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well that didnt work… try this instead:

Anna Petes little sister
 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #24 on Jun 13, 2007, 10:03am »

I don’t know what to say about my big brother because words don’t do justice to the loss I feel. I will miss him with all my heart for the rest of my days.
I wanted to say that it is so moving for me and my family to know how much he was loved by all who new him and I hope people know how grateful he was for the friendships he made in his all too short life time.
We want to celebrate his life and all he gave us at the memorial and I think you’ll all agree that there are many stories and memories to be shared.
Look forward to seeing everyone.  


 Re: Rest In Pete
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Pete’s memorial event is set for Sunday 24th June. Here’s the address:   

Chicken Shed Theatre,
Chase Side,
N14 4PE.
The nearest tube is Cockfosters and the proposed start time is 4.30.

it will be a low-pressure affair, with a bar and a garden for people to mingle, and some speaking and music on the stage, plus lots of pictures projected up on the screen. if all goes according to plan, everyone there will get a cd of lots of music pete made. if you cant make it on the 24th, we’ll make sure you get one anyway.

There’s just a few things we’re looking for though:

-anyone who wants to tell a few stories to come forward. Don’t worry about having to do anything heavy, just a couple of minutes telling a funny story or recounting a memorable night out would be perfect. Dom and I spent yesterday evening swapping stories with pete’s folks and theyre well up for hearing more. (seedy mike - the story about stealing traffic cones with pete and matt? dom - pete’s story about meeting Johhny Guitar?)

-people who might want to do a song or play some music. again, nothing pressured, just a little acoustic number or whatever. (som - fancy learning girl from mars?)

-email us pictures of pete (no matter how ridiculous), either alone or with friends etc, so that we can add them into the slideshow and eventually into the website.

- we’ve also looked into getting a bench on Primrose Hill dedicated to Pete. £850 will get us a nice spot at the top, with a good view. This would only mean 17 people paying £50, or 170 people paying £5, but people could pay more or less, or nowt. Primrose Hill was probably Pete’s favourite spot in London, so this seems very apt. Please let us know if you are interested and maybe we’ll have a donations bucket at the memorial (or would it be more appropriate for us to have a sofa and people could put their change down the back of the sofa, pete style?).

whether you get involved in the speaking and music or not, we hope to see you there.

Mat and Dom




 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #26 on Jun 13, 2007, 5:50pm »

Pete: we love you, we miss you, we’ll never forget you.   

A memory:

- New Year’s Day 2000, Cardiff. We’d seen the Manics at the Millennium Stadium, but had nowhere to stay the night. So we drifted the cold streets of Cardiff, and eventually settled in a lousy club (possibly a gay bar). We got kicked out about 5am, so had to wander the streets some more until our train. By this point everyone was thoroughly miserable - except Pete, who excelled in keeping my spirits up. Pete and I wandered away from the group, looking for any open shops, and stumbled upon a tiny cafe. Although the shopkeeper said they were officially closed, she let us in, and we had hot chocolate. Now, this was probably the cheapest, nastiest hot chocolate ever, but at that moment in time it was just blissful. We laughed at the thought that the others were waiting at the train station in the cold, whilst we were partaking hot chocolate in a warm cafe. It was only later that we found out that the others had jumped on an earlier train!

More memories, and photos, to come.

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #27 on Jun 13, 2007, 7:27pm »

The news of Pete’s passing is almost unbearably sad. For him to die so young seems so horribly cruel. Such a genuinely nice chap, such a fun person to be around; it is truly a tragic loss for everyone who knew him. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family.   

Me and Katy Skool were talking about him yesterday, and she reminded me of a Pete moment that typifies what a great guy he was. We had turned up at Glastonbury 2005 especially early on the Thursday afternoon; not early enough to beat the crowds however. The field was bloody packed! After calling a few people, it emerged that Pete had literally cordoned off a space in his group of tents especially for us. This in spite of a group of increasingly grumpy neighbours who wanted the space for themselves. But Pete guarded it til we got there. Unbelievably kind.

The thought that I won’t see him again fills me with immense sadness.


 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #28 on Jun 13, 2007, 9:16pm »

I remember how Pete went through a phase of recounting the intro to Lorenzo Lamas’ god awful tv show called Renegade, we used to watch it all the time and I remember renting the feature length straight to video movie with Pete one night, he somehow managed to make watching that terrible film so much fun…   

I wasn’t possible to be around Pete and not have fun, he just didn’t have it in him not to…

I don’t ever remember having a real argument with Pete, not about anything other than which film to rent from the straight to video action section…


 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #29 on Jun 14, 2007, 12:13am »

I just remembered another Pete story when me and Jen were discussing what to have for tea the other night.   

When Pete came over to Melbourne to stay with me, Dom and our friend Dan for 3 months in 2002, there was a night where we accidentally ended up with way too many steaks in the fridge, one packet of which’s useby date was that day. Rather then sensibly find something else to eat, we decided to cook them all up, despite having anything to go with them or any flavouring really. It was looking pretty dismal. As it was my cooking night, I improvised by frying them with sweet chili sauce for Dom and got Pete to search for something for the others. Eventually he turned up with marmalade for the others. Everyone was fairly wary of these gone off steaks with marmalade, but Pete had been completely enthusiastic the whole time, chattering about how it was “the Night of 8 Steaks” and would go down in history! The actual steaks were slightly disappointing in that no one got sick or complained, but over the next few years whenever I ran into Pete, he’d always bring up “the Night of 8 Steaks” and how it was one of the greatest achievements ever! Just another example of how Pete could make the ordinary into something way more fun.



cwej fights the password
 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #30 on Jun 14, 2007, 12:25pm »

mat asked if i’drepost this here . obeying is the least i can do .   

big man , where you gone ?
i can only give you a song
big heart , will never depart
love will only live on
big life for a short while
carried it all with such style
big man you’re gonna leave a big shadow
take my love wherever you go

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #31 on Jun 14, 2007, 3:33pm »

Hey Team,
By some weird coincidence, Lee is doing a fun run for Bowel Cancer in July. I’d been putting off sponsering him for stupid selfish reasons until now. If anyone else wants to do the same I think its a cool idea… go here to do so.

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #32 on Jun 15, 2007, 8:19am »

robot blues at the pop art pirate party:

thanks to murat for posting all this footage!

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #33 on Jun 15, 2007, 12:41pm »

I had only been going out for dave for about a month when I got invited to a dinner party at dom’s old house. I was a bit nervous as I hadnt met all of the nation yet. But when I got there everyone was so nice and welcoming, and from that point I would begin to count these people as my own friends, as well as dave’s. Pete and Dom were undisputed kings of the kitchen and I remember it just being a fantastic evening.
 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #34 on Jun 17, 2007, 11:34am »

I was in a craft superstore yesterday and I saw they had a ‘Games Workshop’ section and it reminded me of a great story Dave once told me about Pete.   

Apparently he walked past a Games Workshop shop and he went in and shouted ‘You’re all nerds!’ to which one of them piped up and replied (adopt nerdy voice): ‘ We are not nerds we are gaming enthusiasts’



 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #35 on Jun 17, 2007, 9:43pm »

Just remembered a bouncy castle bbq party, it started pissing it down… every one else went inside, but Pete was adamant we should make the most of it… he persuaded me (and Doz)… with his typical infectious enthusiasm to take turns doing wrestling moves on each other, i think it was around about when me and pete were taking turns to climb the ricketty loft extenstion to swan time bomb each other off the top of it that the others insisted we we get our asses inside before someone got hurt…   

We were covered in rain and mud and i remember just catching Pete’s eye and laughing for most of the rest of the evening, and thinking ‘what a nutter’ I like to think he was thinking exactly the same thing about me…

That’s just another special moment I feel so blessed to have shared with Pete…

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #36 on Jun 18, 2007, 11:21am »

Me and Dom spent ages yesterday going through photos of Pete, so many of which were brilliant. It really brought home to me how much fun he was to have around - he was always looking for something to have fun with or laugh at, he never just sat around waiting to be entertained by other people.   

And I’ll never be able to make his amazing hair go “ping” again. That makes me really sad.

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #37 on Jun 18, 2007, 4:56pm »

speaking of photos…

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #38 on Jun 20, 2007, 6:43am »

I forgot to post after Panic, but I played some songs at Panic Melbourne on Friday night as a tribute to Pete.   

Visions of Johanna - Bob Dylan
It’s Hard to Be a Saint in the City (Bruce Springsteen cover) - David Bowie
Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones
Absent Friends - Divine Comedy

I hope Pete would have a) been really chuffed and b)slightly, comically annoyed that I wouldn’t even play a proper Springsteen song for him…


PhoeniX PhiL
 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #39 on Jun 23, 2007, 8:15pm »

Apologies for th late post to this.. i’m currently without web acess and work bans the Panic Board.   

Anyhow I just wanted to write and say that i’ll miss Pete and his wide eyed enthusism for the playstation wrestling, duck pizza and the magic & mystery of rock n roll…

…i have thousands of fond memories of hanging out with Pete… the infamous Glastonbury flood story, Pete coming to tooting rooms and playing Monkey Ball stoned off our t!ts, THAT bizare night in the Manga cafe.. and plenty of throughly interesting and boarder line nerdish in deph discussions in kebab shops about the greatest moments of the history of pop music.

I’ll never forget Pete’s opinion of Belle & Sebastian… “there records are amazing if you pretend they aren’t by Belle & Sebastian”.

Plus we shouldn’t forget his music … surely “Where Did My Heart Go” is one of the great lost pop songs… “Mexico City” keeps coming up on the i-pod shuffle and if i feel strong enough to listen to it without getting teary on the tube…it’s a great reminder of what the world has lost.

I’ll miss you Robot Pete.


PS. “Bob Dylan”


 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #40 on Jun 24, 2007, 2:28pm »

A simple one sticks out for me.
One friday night back in the golders era Pete comes round with Dom intending to cook a Chinese for them both. It’s one of these 3 course things you get from Sainsers and does require a bit of concentration and planning.
Well obviously when the magic cigarettes and Smackdown vs Raw start flowing I thought I better take over the cooking. Uncharacteristically I managed to pull it off and was quite chuffed with the results (not that i ate any of it). As, of course, were Dom and Pete, Pete heaping so much praise on my efforts i felt i’d provided michelin star quality service. So appreciative.
My heart is aching now.
I’ll miss you Pete
 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #41 on Jun 25, 2007, 9:52am »

i just thought that i would say thanks to everyone for coming along yesterday, it was such a positive day. alison did such a good job of organising it. when we get the pete website up and running, we’ll put up the slideshow for those that couldn’t make it.   

i’d also like to say thanks to gaz and max as without them we wouldn’t have this messageboard which has brought comfort so many people in the last few weeks. Thanks guys!

this ain’t the end of our celebration of our colourful friend. i’m off to look into fishing…




 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #42 on Jun 25, 2007, 9:57am »

I’ve got my eyes peeled for a big fat goat!
 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #43 on Jun 25, 2007, 1:28pm »

I’ll never look at a shopping trolley/terracotta plant pots the same way again
 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #44 on Jun 25, 2007, 3:02pm »

Just want to say a massive thank you to Mat and Dom for helping organize yesterday as well as to all the people who took part and made it such a fitting tribute to Peter. He had some very special, talented friends and I just wish we had got the chance to meet you all before. A friend of mine said that what was extraordinary about yesterday was that you didn’t need to have met Peter to know what an amazing character he was. And he was certainly that and more!   

Thank you to everyone who came and also contributed to the fund - we’ve raised £2700 so far. So the bench on Primrose Hill will go ahead and when I’m back from a short holiday I will work out how best to spend the rest to get music into kids’ lives. I will keep you all posted.

Your support and stories have helped us through this sad time and given us the strength to celebrate Peter. Keep them coming!

All the best
(Pete’s Mum)

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #45 on Jun 26, 2007, 9:27am »

i just want to second everything Alison and Dom have said. Everyone who performed or spoke was amazing. I know that every song was one that Pete would have loved to have performed to 200 friends and family. All of the people that came along were great too and it all added up to a fitting celebration of Pete.   

But theres one thing i need to know more about… whats the Infamous Glastonbury Flood Story that Phil mentioned? Care to tell us more?

Blind Matt
 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #46 on Jun 27, 2007, 12:49pm »

I’ll always remember our first trip to Alton Towers, when at about two in the morning Pete convinced us that it’d be a brilliant idea to run around the Alton Towers hotel in just our pants!   

A once in a lifetime friend. God doesn’t make enough people like him.

 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #47 on Jun 27, 2007, 7:36pm »

I just thought I’d say what an amazing job all of Pete’s family, along with Dom and Matt, did in getting Sunday’s memorial service together and making it such a fitting tribute to Pete. The performances from everyone were astonishing; all the speakers, and all the musicians. I don’t know how you all got up and did what you did with all the emotion in the room. I’m sure Pete would have been so chuffed with it.   



 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #48 on Jun 27, 2007, 10:00pm »

I would also like to say much of the same. Thank you to everyone who organised it, Pete’s family, Dom, Mat and any others and those who spoke or performed. It was great and comforting to hear so many more stories (both mad cap and sensible!) than those we have already talked about. As Mat mentioned before it goes to show how much fun and hilarity he added into our lives whenever he was around. It was an emotional and moving day and all in all it I think it was deffinately the best and most appropriate way of celebrating someone like Pete.   



 Re: Rest In Pete
« Reply #49 on Jun 30, 2007, 12:47pm »

Well as to the imfamous glasto flood story - Phil would tell it better but here’s what I know (though if I get it wrong then please correct me)
That morning was a remorable one. it was the friday and absolutely bucketing down.   

Myself, Peltz and Dave were camping on top of a tire track. This quite frankly saved our tent - as it formed a drainage canal for the water and it meant dave was sleeping on a water bed. he didnt seem to mind though.

Then we heard Peltz’s friends’ tent had been washed away so we took in the refugees.

After that I think either Peltz or Phil heroically saved a tent further up the field.

And then Pete and Phil witnessed a teddy bear sailing away on the tide of mud, water and sewage, carried off to an unknown and probably soggy fate. Always the one to sum up a perfect moment Pete turns to Phil and says (I think something along the lines of) ‘Ah, the devastation’


27 Jul 2007 7:26    

Found this the other day whilst looking through some old pictures. It was taken in Graham’s room a couple of years ago. Figured it ought to go up here. Gem xx

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The Triumvarate 22 Jun 2007 6:07    

RIP pete. the triumvarate will always miss and love ya.

Dave ‘The Bullet’ Rees 20 Jun 2007 13:54    

Over a week on from Pete’s passing, and I still find it hard to fathom that I won’t be seeing him again. I will miss Pete as well as the Robot Blues.

There are too many hilarious memories to mention. I’m sure many of these will come up at his memorial service.

My heartfelt condolences go to Pete’s family.



15 Jun 2007 6:23    

Pete was a dude, a solid dude. Im sorry to say that I knew him for only one summer but I know wihtout a doubt that it would have been such a distinct pleasure for me to have spent just one more with that frizzy diamond. There will always be a space in the circle, a space that no one can fill. I’ll miss you mate, big time. Save me a seat and a doob, and maybe I’ll see you soon, brother.



14 Jun 2007 2:34    

I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe that my cousin, one of the most interesting, unique and genuine people around is no longer with us. I have a life time of amazing memories of Pete. He weened me off Take That and introduced me to “real” music when I was 9 and we engaged in many a discussion/ debate about bands over the years - rarely agreeing! (sorry Pete I still LOVE the Libertines’ 2nd album). How could someone who was so full of life be gone? The Robot Blues were incredible and I know that Pete had high expectations for their future - quite rightly. I will always miss him and wish so much that I had more time to spend with him. Love you Pete xxxxxxxxxxx

Oran Tarjan Photography    

13 Jun 2007 16:28    

it’s to hard to fathom that pete has really gone, i will always remember him as one of the most friendliest and optimistic dude’s i ever knew. his high spirits will always be among those who ever got to know him.

we’ve lost one of the good guys.

RIP dude.



13 Jun 2007 10:00    

I, and Ben and Thorne will miss Pete so much: Chatting, Having a jam, or whatever, he was always amazing to be with and his memory will stay with me forever.
I’ll miss you so much cuz.
maxxx xx



13 Jun 2007 3:11    

I don’t know what to say about my big brother because words don’t do justice to the loss I feel. I will miss him with all my heart for the rest of my days.
I wanted to say that it is so moving for me and my family to know how much he was loved by all who new him and I hope people know how grateful he was for the friendships he made in his all too short life time.
We want to celebrate his life and all he gave us at the memorial and I think you’ll all agree that there are many stories and memories to be shared.
Look forward to seeing everyone.
Anna (Petes little sister)


12 Jun 2007 4:47    

Pete will always be in my thoughts for being such a talented, witty and unique character.

I’m so proud to have known him as a friend and fellow musician.

God Bless,


Jamie Fullerton    


11 Jun 2007 9:38    


I was just playing some of your songs in my head this morning… you were the kind of fella who made any time a great time when you were about.

RIP (Rock In Peace) dude.


Big Dan    

11 Jun 2007 8:43    

It seems myspace is the only way to reach out and say this as i never got to say goodbye, I’ll remember you always, thoughout the short period we knew each other. My heart felt condolences to your parents and family.
Peace Forever. Big Dan

The Bicycle Thieves    


10 Jun 2007 17:03    

Dear Pete,

I don’t know why I’m choosing myspace to say this…

You were great- a really gentle, talented person. You touched so many people’s lives. There was a gig today at the Bowling Lanes and all our friends were there - everyone was emotional, but we tried to celebrate what you left us.

I hope your family will be allright and that you’ll watch over them and all of us.

I’ll miss you a lot.

With love, your friend



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